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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 4th, 2020

Title is straightforward


I gonna put this on preview unless you want me to published this to public.

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 2nd, 2020


Okay, this is actually my first time to actually animated this stuff, but this isn't the only part.

It gonna to be mashup of SM64/Gmod Machinima style and animation and it will be the worse shit you ever see on Newgrounds. Seriously it might be. Who knows, it could be the first animated machinima on Newgrounds or something else.

But if this give an saved by the community (protected) then I may give a another go but Newgrounds Forum edition.

I planning to do an action short series like these style and plan to have Newgrounds Music to put on it so if you have any suggestion, go right ahead (can be shitpost too honestly. I looking music that allowed download)

If you got any animation tip, DM me here. Would like to hear it!

Oh also, the program is called "Pencil2D" and it good to use for beginner.

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 29th, 2020

I gonna to declared war on Newgrounds with my millions of cocks army and no one can stop me. Who want to join me?


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 28th, 2020


Came across Newgrounds for day and recently discovered this artwork that was frontpaged.

Now usually, getting Frontpaged are meant that Moderator of Newgrounds love it. It usually if it got enough view or highest rated within day. Most Frontpaged have around 5 stars with enough views and such.

This is prolly the first time I ever seen Frontpaged artwork with rating below 3 stars or even lower.

Yes, this is political artwork and Newgrounds is meant to be an safe haven away from politic or any offensive material and basically a place to chill out with but this is something that spark my interest.

Now I been looking at some of his artwork and they are political-based and while that he stated his own opinion, almost all of them are lower then 3 stars. Out of all those, they decide to make this frontpaged oddly enough.

While Newgrounds people are more mature people and response more maturely nowadays, posting politic on public eyes arounds here do get people attention but not in good way. Politic in Newgrounds is old news (I mean, look at Tom Fulp old flash game back in 90s) but it something that NG don't do nowadays and haven't age well.

I curious though, why they frontpaged it if they know it bit controversial and low-rated?


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 18th, 2020

Good afternoon, how you been?

If you want to explore my gallery? Do you want to see my work? Do you want to see an endless of weird idea where you have no idea what you looking at and question "why I do this" or thinking I just do mostly SMG4 drawing? If all of them is yes but got no idea where to look, well you are in right place.

Bit of Bio:

I go by Alias "AKA-38CAUTION", I have done lot of fanart and done other stuff as well. Started in Deviantart in 2016 and Join Newgrounds later in 2018, from going fanbase to fanbase, I always wanted to do digital art as an living in future as well as doing more then just artwork.

Now that over with, I got some selection to get hook on:


This is my own website which it got everything. My own Gallery, Project, Archive, My own history and chatroom! It is hosted by Neocities (Great Community by the way).

Most importantly, the website is completely ad-free (Aside from User Advertisement which is W.I.P) and Excusive-free, meaning everything is accessible by people without having to pay monthly.

Art Gallery

So, you want to see my gallery? Well I got these 20 personal favorite artwork you might like or get the idea of what I draw.

You can also see my entire gallery from my site


Project is something I always wanted to give an try. Project X-treme is Anime/Video Game Focus series with bit of twist. Instead of some bland, boring fan-work you may encounter on some certain site, PX is taking more of different approach to each series. Hyperdimension Neptunia X is prime example pf PX where it focus on Neptune going on different quest to different place to take down an New Infamous Leader known as Genesis. There also small work such as C.T.F, an Comic Strip where you have to expect the unexpected.

It an baby series so it have very small selection but I hope I have something in plan to expand the series across platform and genre.

That all I have. E n j o y

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 15th, 2020

I am now ready for the fight. If you ready, challenge me at https://artfight.net/~38CAUT10Nblnk


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 6th, 2020

Okay, I got some of the weirdest dream I got today.

It appear that I was in Newgrounds website, exploring around the site and they have a new site design with new backgrounds and such. In this update, there new feature where you can switch to different layout. You got normal layout then the "Classic" layout where everything is in Flash as well as layout from the 90s (The young days of NG).

Man, that was something.

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - July 3rd, 2020

Yo, guess what? I will be joining this years Art fight once more!

However, there is server issues going on current so I can't jump the gun right at this second but once that be solved, why not join me in this battle?

Also I want to say, why there server always run into problem? It every year that site go down for day or so. Is it because there so much request that web host can't handle or because the coding is jacked up? Either way, I hope this issues is resolve soon and in the future.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - June 19th, 2020

n i c e


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 18th, 2020

I cannot believe they are actually doing this. What next, Trump Jam?

I can't really animated for crap right now as I still learning the basic, but maybe I can do voluntary work with other (such as Background or illustration) but I don't know where to start.

Can't wait to see people animated about Musk doing shit like invent Neko girl or rocket ship up his ass or something along the way.