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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 11th, 2020


You can hang out with me while I doing something


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 11th, 2020

Well, I promise myself that I won't be joining mainstream media for while. Sadly, I somewhat managed to break that promise and decide to join Twitter:


God help me people.

(although if you seriously want to follow me there, go ahead. I trying to expand my gallery as possible).

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 9th, 2020


Today is the yearly #picoday2020 and actually my first time doing Newgrounds event that I can actually do and honestly I like doing these type of event that allow me to be more creative. Before the drawing, I did carefully study some character and even play/watch one of them (I mostly recognized Madness since I done couple drawing of Hank before). I also decide to put iconic character/my favorite summation into one artwork instead of doing just one character.

@TomFulp as by far the hardest to do since there too many version of him (You got JohnnyUtah version, K-FED, and many more) so I did serval attempt and this is result. For some reason, his eye are somewhat familiar to Pico eyes.

The Tankman I did was inspiring by @Snackers "NEWGROUNDS VS. THE WORLD"

The Scoot the Burbs (on bottom-right) was added at last minutes because I forgot to add him during the sketching part. Still love the animation. Of course, I also added @Meatcanyon version of Hank Hill from "That Boy ain't right", one of my top favorite animation this year. @RealFaction is also in this one as he done some of greatest song in NG.

Last but not least is Pico and Hank from Madness (also Angry Fiac). Madness is actually my favorite Newgrounds animation at all time; the fast-pace action and overloaded violent, it very intense series and I like it that way. I can't wait to see new Madness animation coming soon.

Pico on other hand, I do see him everywhere on Newgrounds back then (even used him as rating system instead of Tankman; what we got now), and fact that he is iconic character, of course I would draw him. The game is very edgy but I do like how satire and political incorrect the game was (The soundtrack was good too, even the old version where Tom used Ultrasonic Sound by Hive, though I do also love the RealFaction soundtrack of Pico school as well).

I do see other Pico day fanart and all of them are actually great. Right now, I currently witness this art known as "pico day collab 2020" by @Wandaboy (and other 7 animator and couple of voice actor and artist) as well as @ninjamuffin99 who do the music. It totally the best, go check it out. (totally not a shoutout).

How is Pico day going for you?



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 8th, 2020

At my post back at Deviantart (title: Circa 2016-2020), I was explaining how controversial the Eclipse update was (if you haven't know, it a name for Version 9 site update) and why that I was about to retired in that site as well as belief history of my gallery throughout my time.

Deviantart was my first site for my pathway of being Digital artist and the time I join was lot of fun. There bunch of cool feature I want to try, there group I would join and so on. I meet some cool people in there (as well as shitposter and troll) and despite DA being infamous for awful gallery and poor management, there was some user who was nice or actually good artist with passion and giving people. Sadly as time go on, riot was everywhere when Eclipse as announced back at early 2019 and make it worse when old version is about to retired on May 20 with Eclipse being unfinished still (not even close to being done), making riot grow larger (with the movement known as: The Sound of Silence). It was at this point that, a huge amount of userbase was about to leave DA and I was about to do the same. It was sad enough for me to leave that place.

It come to conclusion that, I am moving to Newgrounds! Well actually, I been here since 2018 to expand my gallery somewhere, but now it my new home, my new neighborhood and honestly, Newgrounds is actually one of the greatest neighborhood I ever move in. There great collection of Movie, Audio and more. Back then, NG was the place I go to, when I was younger, for Flash content so I actually more familiar with the place. This place seem to be very lively with all the animator and artist who wanted to be recognized as well as being heavily community-based and great moderation.

Make me curious though (I meation this before), are we getting third Migration? Would be great to get more member in NG and more supporter.


Even better is that, I recently just reach 50 fans on NG and while that is a very small number, it a big deal for me because there 50 people who follow for what I do and that is amazing. So thanks you peep who following me recently or long time ago. Here for another 50!



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - April 23rd, 2020

This is just my prediction but I hope you are prepared for third Margination. This time, it DeviantART and after getting email that Eclipse will be permanent change, everyone is started to leaving that place.

Just giving head up.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - April 13th, 2020

Rick May, The voice of Soldier from Team Fortress 2 have recently passed away due to COVID-19. May he rest in peace.

I remember Team Fortress 2 back then when it was popular in early 2000s and seeing all the special clips (such as Expiration Date and Meet the Crew video), it show how great and badass it was. The characters has so much personality, even the voice actor was spot on and how iconic it was. Even non-TF2 Fan recognized them.

TF2 is the oldest, but greatest, Team battle online game ever (unless Overwatch and other game like it) and there almost nothing to beat it. Sure the Hat markets is everywhere, it still have a growing community that never die out anytime soon.

Rest in Peace Rick May, you was the best Soldier ever.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - April 7th, 2020

Okay it is quite small numbers, but I can say it an start. I thanks you for your kindness guys.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - April 1st, 2020

Recently, I got a news that is kind of serve for the United State and the people.

This is about two country: USA and North Korea, who is about to go on war. Even though it maybe a rumor, it is frighten to even think about it.

This is the video talking about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfr64zoBTAQ

Stay safe my dude.

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 21st, 2020

Yo, if you are bored and want to share art, commission or if you just want to chat, I just got my discord up and ready. It WIP though, so if you got any suggestion, hit me up.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 20th, 2020

Okay, the whole situation on this virus have become widespread issues and it time for me to say something. I not a doctor, I an artist but I think this can be helpful for some.

First off, freaking out over the virus won't make it any better. We all need to calm down.

Second, While the news media is treating as a threat, let me tell you that it only 3% risk that you may get one, even the younger people is very low, but it don't mean you can ignore it as well. Limit your time outside and avoid contract with anything as possible. If so, wash your hands with soup for about 20 seconds and use hot water. Take a shower and brush your teeth as well.

Thirdly, not all store are close but they limit the time (most close at 16:00/8:00PM) so try to get your stuff while saving some money at same time. Don't just buy all the toilet paper like other ignorance people are doing, it not that helpful in long run. Try to buy something that can last long for a week.

Oh and also, this maybe one of the historic event we living in right now so maybe write your diary on this or something so people from the future can see how it was to survive the toilet paper madness.

For short, try to be safe and distance yourself from other. You and their life is most important then everything else.

Stay safe my dude. ~ @aka-38caution