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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - November 14th, 2020

Good evening Newgrounder, this is prolly the best time to post this announcement.

In summary, since 2016, I have started to transform my skill of drawing to digital format and honestly, it was painful at first but throughout the pathway that I have chosen, I continuing doing digital art and fanart and that where I started to get addicted to drawing.

However, I also want to make this as some form of living for future outlook and thinking ahead such as forming an freelance business or handling independent website business with 38Caution Zone site I been editing since 2018.

So therefore, I announced that I have an Ko-fi, my own tipping jar for anyone. It easier to use so that why I pick this platform. Each coffee (donation) is $3 and it once, not monthly so don't worry about any monthly payment.

I know this is small but it an start. My long term goal is to prevent using any membership platform and making all my artwork and project free to access without any ads and paywall. I know many artist using Patreon nowadays for their income and while I don't balm them, it also can be furiously of just only seeing their Patreon links as well as being limited on what we can see and can't see. Not to mention, piracy can be big deal as I often do see an Patreon-Only item being posted on some site. That why I never want to uses an membership, though I am planning to have monthly if I really want to.

Here the links if you want to Support the Caution: https://ko-fi.com/38caution



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - October 18th, 2020


Hello pep, how is everyone today?

I recently released an new zine, this time it focus on Newgrounds where I talk about how Newgrounds was making history with using an internet technology, Flash and how they became the biggest Flash site ever as well as why Newgrounds and Tom Fulp was important for Flash content across the web.

Go check it out:




Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - September 23rd, 2020

Hello my Newgrounder!

I know it been while since I last post my artwork and to keep it short, my tablet don't even work anymore. It Surface Pro and it just ran an hardware issues that seem to be almost un-repairable. So I got myself an Desktop, installed with Linux on it. The one thing that hold me back is an Drawing Tablet for it. I still waiting for it so it will take it time.


For now, I just open an yet, an another project I wanted to work on for while and it called X-ZINE, an cyberzine that focus on me talking about some 2000s topic, the rise and fall and some cool shitz. Recently I just published my first ever zine there where I talk about Super Mario 64 Blooper, the humble beginning to SMG4 Fame and such. I always started something with SMG4 Content since I always well-known for it (even on NG). Go check it out!

I now working on making Zine about Newgrounds and how it became the father of Flash and some belief history about the site and Tom Fulp himself and I will mention it when I finished it. I think NGer might enjoy this.

On the other news, this madlad named @olskoo just give me an month Supporter! I was crying about it (not actually but very shock), making me feel so good in this platform. Thanks mate, you never be forgotten. I always wanted to get support for while now.

Also, yesterday was Madness Day which I talk about it. Go check it out!



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - September 22nd, 2020

One of my most favourite time of the Newgrounds years. The bloody series, packed with most badass moment and such, it was actually my first series to get into when I sign up to NG in 2018. It actually the reason why my art style gotten more edgy in later time. Sadly I miss it completely last year.

I haven't made one in this day sadly (because I still don't have anything to draw on yet) but month ago I did make this so aleast I somewhat made it this year. I have to start it very early (lol).


I saw some fanart on Twitter but an whole bunch of them at Newgrounds so I gonna share for lots of ya. There are such an damn well the greatest artwork so check them out:

Edit: Also check this out, best shit I ever seen:



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 26th, 2020

Today is Robot day! Hope ya guys having blast!

Sadly, unlike Clock Day, I haven't done any robot related stuff due to fact I can't even draw robot at all (and don't have that profession to do that type of stuff). But one thing I can say is, I do love robot, mostly in Mecha area.

(If someone do have a tip on how to draw robot, dm me!)

Since I can't draw robot, here some good stuff I find on Robot Day 2020:

Have a great robotic day.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 20th, 2020

Wow, I didn't expect a 100 people following me on Newgrounds. Thanks for all the people who supported me over the year. 100 is big number in this community and I feel bit proud to be part of Newgrounds and to be my main platform to post art and cocks after I left Deviantart for numerous reason. This platform is more comfortable and feel like it need more recognize other then just a Flash collection and porn.

While getting 100 fans is big deal, the content and quality I posting is my most focus (aside from the shitpost animation I did couple weeks ago) and I plan to expand to other genres (such as doing 2D Animation or 2000s Machinima style or both) in future but it will take lot of time to do. I wanna do more story based or parody series in future rather then just doing fanart. There so much stuff I wanna do but it not really easy to actually get started and finished it. Not only that, it also amount of attention it needed in order to get motived.

People know me for SMG4 fanart and such, and I want to go beyond that and I feel like Newgrounds is best place to do so.

Aside for all that talk, getting 100 fans is bit of slow progression. Hell I remember back in 2018, I was stuck with 4 fans because I wasn't really that noticed at the time. It was during the Tumblr margination when that platform decide to banned NSFW and lots of people move here. Not only that, my style was completely different back in 2018/19 when I was using my iPad to draw. It was messy I would say.

It such a surreal experience that I have expanded my gallery to other platform and even my own website that I planned to get domain soon. I glad Newgrounds was the place I decide to move in then other place. It more enjoyable and more relaxed platform.

Anyway, thanks for 100 fans, here for another 100!


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 16th, 2020

Yesterday at Clock Day 2020, I post this "A" (which is now listed at the very bottom in Collection of Clock Day 2020) where it just 4 seconds of saying "A" Louder and louder. I thought that making prequel to B would be totally funny and such.

It come to shock me that "A" was actually submitted by StrawberryClock himself, back in 2001 before the "B" was submitted and actually saved.

Looking at the Interview and this flash movie, they explain that SBC was actually making flash animation and they were getting blammed (since most first-time animator usually getting blamed). After that, he decide to make shitty flash animation on purpose and started spamming with the letter "A" and while it got blamed once more, the comment section was funny by SBC Standard.

So, long story short, "A" did existed but was blamed and never returned until 19 years later. It appear I was making the "A" come back alive without even knowing it exist.

What the hell?



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 15th, 2020

Hello people of Newgrounds

Today is Clock Day, which mean more shitpost.

On serious note, Happy Clock Day. I am glad NG is back to Orange Color because the Pink color is kind of getting on my nerve honestly.

But aside from that, I was on @little-rena "Clocks of the BBS 2020" with this masterpiece that I put 5 minutes worth my life. It was worth it.


I don't know why, but I find Clock Day to be actually fun time to do. It was actually my first time doing so and it was worth the time. It something I can get into because it more simple then other NG Contest. Shitpost at it finest.

Oh yeah, I also made this one that prolly gonna get blammed in second but here ya go. The prequel to B:

I am planning to do Clock Day Fanart soon (Feat. Tom Fulp prolly) so stay tune for that.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 6th, 2020

Who the heck is Tony and why people of Newgrounds want to make it national Tony day?

Is there something I not aware of? Or is he plotting something?


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 5th, 2020