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Dude, can't wait for the full release!

Can we explain the amount of creativity and craziness and amount Hank that been put into this? Seriously, I think ya guys should create these more often.

This is Adult Swim level of animation. Can't wait to see more of these content!

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Great game, very cool. Can make tom say "penis".

Okay, serious question: I been trying to run this on Firefox, and for a strange reason it won't work so I go to Chrome and I noticed that it needs to run Flash which was blocked as a default option. Just curious, are you planning to make it run in Ruffle or least Newgrounds Player? Really hate to see this piece of art go away when Flash meets its end-of-life.

MKMaffo responds:

Planning to convert it into as2 since 3 is not supported yet gaaah!


While I like the unique style of being parody of FNAF, one flaw that somewhat ruin it is the fact that it using Scratch which, professionally, not the greatest way to publish the game on Newgrounds. There other good game developer app you can use such like Stencyl or Game Maker which make the game have good quality instead of having small box and long loading screen.

Needless to say, I thinks this game have some potential. I like the style and the characters and simple gameplay machinic. One thing to say is, there no limitation of how long the door/power last, making it too easy.

BigSoyNG responds:

scratch is like all i know in terms of game creation but that doesn't mean i can't learn anything else so that's a valid critique as well as the power supply i'm hearin a few words about that so that could definitely be worked in. i'll probably get to work on that stuff soon.

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uwu nice

This song slap so hard, I literally mean it slap.
Good stuff.

Better rap song then those other modern so-called "rap" song.

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Sometimes, a Free program is better than a pricey one

Dont we all have moment that we only want to be happy and not horny anymore?

Me neither

I starting to lose my hertrosexauity
Great drawing by the way

Madness and SMG4 is my personal drug.

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