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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 11th, 2021


I haven't done these posts in a long time and I might do it more often to give it a bit of exposure instead of making short message on the front page of Newgrounds all the time (Still gonna do it though) and since my Art Thread is getting too long to go through, I think this is a good thing to do.

I post this early, around 12:00PM when not many people are active at the time. It appears though that SMG4 actually liked this picture on Twitter so I guess that a bonus. Also, the new Meggy animation show is coming up this Saturday so this is a good time to do so.

Another to point out, I probably might put high-quality artwork only on 38cautionzone.com (with Download Link again) and Newgrounds because since I always upload PNG, Twitter tends to lower the quality a little bit. Plus, it Newgrounder life, of course, Newgrounds is my home and not that bluebird saying random stuff nobody cares about.

While you at it, if you love my work, do consider donating. Any amount help!




Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 1st, 2021

You need to support Newgrounds or Tom Fulp with break your kneecap




Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - February 13th, 2021


Well more specifically an @ninjamuffin99 FnF shirt but still an sick looking shirt I brought (was worth $25 for it)

(Also Love the Newgrounds logo on the back)


(I was originally getting Pico but I don’t think it that appropriate to wear it everywhere)

What Newgrounds merch should I buy by the way (hat, tankman, etc)? Might get it later but am curious.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - January 21st, 2021


I did not expect a man who works on Friday Night Funkin to noticed my artwork. I feel very entitled now!

For context: He the one who did character animation for FnF. Go check out his work: https://phantomarcade.newgrounds.com/ !

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - January 18th, 2021

How it Started:


How it going:


Since 2018, I thought I never get to where I am right now. Its weird to see how time goes by fast.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - January 13th, 2021


It seems like yesterday (Jan 12) is the final nail of the Flash coffin when Microsoft decided to shut off the global-wide Flash player and not just a Flash Plugin, which means the NG Player was also affected by this and currently un-playable until farther notice. This tells me that they are seriously wanting to remove the history of flash content. For 20 years worth of content gone to waste.

Lucky, there is another way to play Flash content:

First off is the Flashpoint. I know many of you heard this so I gonna straight to the point. Some say it Windows only but there is support for Mac and Linux. You can pretty much play all the collection of the flash games, Nuff said.

Ruffle is another way of playing Flash games, without using plugins. If you want to play NG Game that currently not converted in Ruffle, use "/format/flash?emulate=flash" at end of the URL of the game you play.

For example: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/592473 then add the /format/flash?emulate=flash in the end.

Result: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/592473/format/flash?emulate=flash

You can also add Ruffle Add-on in Firefox and Chrome. You can also install it on your website if you have a flash-based website.

Last but not least, their other options as well such as Older Browser (such as Pale Moon), SuperNova plugin, and even VLC, an Media Player. According to this thread, he managed to have an add-on that allows you to play SWF files.

Let me know if you got another suggestion. It shocks how much the company really wants to remove Flash from existion. Yeah, flash player did suck ass due to lag and lack of security but still, the world wide web was covered in Flash for 20 years, and hate to see the history in the waste bin.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - January 6th, 2021

Sorry for out of nowhere post I making here but what going on in DC and the protest is just beyond my mind.

I fucking speechless honestly.

That it.

I be taking break for little bit and prolly be back in Jan 20.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 31st, 2020


2020 has been an hell but it did result of me doing something different outside of my area such as me doing Comic Strip and making an short and compact Zine Article, You can read way more in my prevous blog: https://aka-38caution.newgrounds.com/news/post/1134210

Onward to 2021, just like 2020, I will be doing something really different outside of my drawing and this time, it would be something more interested and more organized for what I want to do instead of throwing around and expect it to work. Hope everything goes well according to the plan. :D

The main reason I do experiment series like Project X-treme is something that I always have in mind for the longest time. I hate to stick with one thing because that would be very dull and repeatedly annoying.

(I like to note that any project I done is an experiment. If thing don't goes as well, I might do something else. That why it called experiment for reason.)

Now enough talking, I like to talk about these 6 topic I listed in picture:

  1. OC Saturday! Starting on Jan 4, every week you guys can submit your own Original Character and I will randomly pick 2, 3 or even 4 of them (depending on how simple it is) every Saturday. I wanting to give something an try. On the same day, I will open an new thread on https://38cautionzone.com/ocsaturday.html (via comment section), Newgrounds, and Twitter. You can also email me your OC if you want to (must DM me for that to prevent Scam). Note: This is an Experiment, if this don't go well, I might ended it soon. If it go decent, it might be normal thing for now on.
  2. X-Zine. I need to get back on writing on monthly-ish Zine Article. I don't have that much of plan for it since it is side-project but I do like to talk on certain topic that might interested people. I about to be finished with third Issues where I talk about DeviantArt and why it a worst platform for artist
  3. ClusterFuck, aka CTF, an Mature theme comic. Another side-project I need to get back on (though I did recently published one in beginning of December). Really want to get back on comic strip. Want to learn much as I can because I love making comic series honestly.
  4. SMG4 Fanmade Project. Can't give away secret yet. But I can tell ya it will be in style familiar to CTF with short storyline. Prolly first ever to published in Newgrounds (though will be upload in 38cautionzone first).
  5. More Fanart. I mean that what I always do.
  6. Promote Donation option. Around 2021, I might open up Commission, opening up on Newgrounds, 38cautionzone and Discord first and see if it something I might like to do in future. I am planning to start an living out of artist soon but right now it undecided. For $3, you can help me as small artist to continue what I want to do while making content 100% accessible for people by preventing in use of paywall/membership. Trust me, I do not want to put ads on my website and restrict other people to access my artwork for quick bank. Art should be accessible for everyone but it hard to do so without little help. Hate to be beg-worthy but any donation can make me shut up about donation and make me do way more content. Even so, you guys voting and faving my work is more then enough to make me feel happy.

Another note is, I might focusing on something else other then SMG4. Love them but can't stick to one thing. I prolly should started making more of Otis, my own Mascot and other forgotten Mascot I made while back. I trying to push it there for people to know that I do way more then SMG4 but some just simply look away.

There also might be more stuff in coming year but so far, nothing has been set in stone. Who know? I could be part of Newgrounds collab for first time (if I don't suck at it that is).

Let hope 2021 will be a least decent year. I also hoping Newgrounds will get bit of rise again, even after flash is now dead and FnF is getting much popular.

~ @aka-38caution

Visit my website: https://38cautionzone.com

Donate! https://ko-fi.com/38caution


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 29th, 2020


Well god damn, this is the year I would not expected to live in at all. If you told me back in 2016 that we will be dealing with virus outbreak and protesting shitfest, I would ask you if you are joking. I never thought I would experience an outbreak and idea of staying home and such.

I also cannot believe that an year has passed. Haven't even feel like an month has passed at all and we about to enter yet an another year.

A lot of stuff happening this year so I gonna point out:

First off, I left Deviantart. Bold move but also good thing as well. I explain it soon (in X-Zine #3, coming up this week).

Secondly, I done more artwork then what I did last year and I finally got my own art style. Previous I always try different look to see if it look good or not. I also got bit of noticed on Newgrounds lately with some fav and couple of voting. It good thing to see more then 5 votes on my artwork. Oh and I was the one who expanded SMG4 tag in Newgrounds. Back then, there were rarely them. Now I think there are more then 50 submission and some are different artist. Still waiting for expansion of NG Artist to be aware of SMG4 and such.

I am also shock to see @ninjamuffin99 Friday Night Funkin to be success hit game on Newgrounds (which I haven't witness it in very long time ago). God it bring me back in 2010s when Newgrounds still deliver hit flash game right out of box. It got me hope that Newgrounds might rise again next year with FNF. It also funny how an NG shitposter managed to created an hit game that soon to be widespread across the internet. I might write an Zine for FNF soon.

Speaking of Zine, I created an small series known as X-Zine, an Zine-based that related on 2000s topic I talk about. Check it out!

Also, I officially own an Domain: https://38cautionzone.com/ , go check it out! I got bunch of content you might enjoy.

Another new is, yes I did joined Twitter. It was against my promise to join major business but I did find lot of people liking my SMG4 fanart and gotten some people looking at my NG. Though I am planning to look for another platform like Twitter soon.

Oh and I wanna say something; I am working on new big project, familiar to Neptunia X, but it a secret for now until further notice. I can give hint and it SMG4 related as well (hint hint: Check on my site)

Last, I set up donation. This is big one for me because I am opening tip jar for people who like my work. I would be very happy if you tip $3, that would keep me working more stuff in future.

Aside from all those good thing, yeah 2020 is shit. Wearing mask, store shutting down, idiot people, protest, and bunch of stuff happening. I glad that over with. Let see how bad 2021 can get as well. Who know, might be better one.

I gonna say this right now, I am thankful for all those 139 fans who following me for my content or me shitposing in BBS forum. You Newgrounder are the best people I meet and I can't wait to do more in NG next year. Until then, I see ya people later.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 7th, 2020

I thought I might share something that might be interesting for some of you who reading. I will say right now that this might be longer post but I try to shorted it as I can.

Around very late in 2018, DeviantART have made an post on their upcoming major site update that would change the way DeviantART woulds interacted by making it very more up-to-date like any other social media. At first, many people like the idea that DA are going toward to more of modern look (because honestly, Version 8, I one I remember the most, was bit dated). However after it was released for all Beta Tester, their reaction was bit mixed but it wasn't until in beginning of 2019 (after I join NG) where it was available for everyone and the reaction was bad. So bad. every change log that DA staff make, most of the comment was negative and hateful. There even an Group that goes against Eclipse the moment it was released. Most of user who been around DA for decades or so has plan to leave the communtiy and many were also dropping the support of CORE membership.

The hate of DA has been growing strong for long time and I usually avoid these hateful and focus on actually criticism. I give Eclipse a least some hope because I know that DA need some change if they wanted to get newer people. During all this however, I started looking for newer platform for the first time (since DA was my only place to post art). I been joining most place and so far I find no luck, but then when I saw an list of Alternative to DA, I saw Newgrounds on the list.

I thought "Damn, that the name I haven't heard of in long time." I been here for long time with all those parody flash animation I used to watch and play when I was an young lad. I took a look to this place and it was looking promising. So on October 26, 2018, I joined NG. Now at the time, I served this as an another place to post my artwork but my attention was still at DA (due that most of people I know of was in DA) and since NG is kinda hardcore when getting noticed, I post my artwork that was in good quility (at the time. It was shitty honestly).

Throughout 2019, hate of Eclipse was continuing to grow and I managed to deal with it for while. I always thought that "Eclipse can get better later on", over and over. I can tell you right now, when I try out Eclipse when it was released to the public, it was shit at the start. Buggy and laggy at same but since it was in Beta, I can let that aside.

Fast forward to May 2020, when DA email everyone that Eclipse will be permanent and old site will be retired, I was pissed. Yes, the staff of DA did warn us that will happened soon year ago, that was not the reason why I was pissed. The main reason was that Eclipse was not even close of being competed. Many feature of Version 8 was missing, it was still lagging and part of pages was still not remake. Not only that but part of Eclipse was also unfriendly when it come to navigation. It took them almost 2 years and it still an mess (Fun fact: It still is to this day though it have been majorly improved since).

At that moment was an big change. Newgrounds became my main platform and I have to update my own website where I post my artwork there for now on (when previous it was only for my project) in case I have to move platform to platform. By that time, my artwork was improved and I could finally posting my artwork on NG without any hesitation.

But then, I started to learn a lot of Newgrounds community and how it was operated. It wasn't based on recommended, instead every submission was based on users vote and all donation and support are done by the people, not sponsor. The way NG handle art submission very well and very clean was that, there an "Scout" feature where artist who been scouted can scout other people. They can get in front page while unscouted artist have different section and usually less views and in order to get scouted, you have to really push yourself by creating forum thread to promote your artwork and such. Sure, it was bit rough but it was really smart decision that Tom Fulp and his crew made. On DeviantART, shitty and less attempted artwork was featured on front paged all the time while NG managed to showcase talented artwork on Art portal for those who scouted.

That show how hard you have to try if you really want to impress people. This is where I decided to change my own artwork and experiment until I got it right. On late 2019, I got some noticed with my first ever scouted and goddamn, I was happy and proud of myself. I also managed to get a least 5 vote on couple of drawing that time.

Another thing was the people. My god, I never saw bunch of people that are so unique, interesting and fun to chat with. Even some are bit crazy, it still enjoyable nevertheless. Even you can talk to Tom Fulp, the founder of Newgrounds, the father of Flash content himself. While it not as big as DeviantArt is, it is lively and with ninjamuffin99 Friday Night Funkin success, I have some hope that Newgrounds will rise again as biggest visited site.

And now in December 2020, I recently became an Supporter and donating some of my money toward Tablet giveaway that Tom is doing right now. Newgrounds is still going strong with independent works and all those upcoming Jam they putting up with. It surprise me how an 25 years site that started out as Tom edgy flash collection to having an biggest flash portal ever, even some flash game are now running under Ruffle where you can play the any flash content without the need to use Flash plugin. It almost shocked me how they managed to run an 25 years old without any business change. Even they did lost their edge, they still the same as they were back in 2012.

I will say this to @tomfulp right now. Thank you for maintaining this website for everyone to access to. I prolly won't make it far as an artist without Newgrounds. Even I do have Twitter and Reddit and Discord right now, Newgrounds is always stick to my mind. The first thing when I upload my artwork is this place. I don't think I ever leave this place anytime soon unlike DA. NG has an charm to what it is and that people can act themselves without getting criticize on.

~ @aka-38caution