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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 19th, 2019


It seem I have reach my IQ to the point I don't even understand my IQ at all. I combined Deadmau5 and Megumin and came with this 'masterpiece'.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 9th, 2019

I save things and balm things, can I get amen for that?

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 1st, 2019

I know most don't care, but it something I like to talk about.

When I heard about the Christmas Advent 2019 couple days ago, I was curious about it and found out it was an collab. The requirement was: They need 25 artist, couple of pixels sprites and music. I was excited to join in something that I could do, and at the time, I thought they still have slot open for some artist. So after that, I started working on my newest artwork.

Though, day later, the official list has came. The quote say:

If you don't see your name, I have you written down and I may still use you depending on availability, but due to the huge number of responses I got I had to stop adding artists at arbitrary thresholds.

The "Depending on Availability" make me think that, in case one artist can't make one, I could just make one in case of backup so no big deal.

But, on Dec 1st, someone give me the heads up that, I actually not on the backup list (or in the official list in general) and they were startled with info and tag I used. It appear they want to use the tag for those who were on the list. So therefore, I got rid of the tag, change the info right away and told them I fixed the issues.

It was no big deal, I was trigger-happy and jump the gun. Apologize for some creator that were startled and confused about this. I hope this somewhat explained the issues.

Speaking of Advent2019, the game is now released! Go check it out:

Can't wait for new art to appeared every day until Christmas day.

This is the artwork I made that I was referring to:

I still keeping it though, I actually like this one.

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - November 21st, 2019

Yo, if you got any request for me to draw (OC, Newgrounds related, etc), DM me or hit me up at my email:


(replace "at" with @ and "dot" with a ".". This is to prevent spam)

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - November 19th, 2019

How YouTube doing? I heard about COPPA deal and that their (and FTC) rules will officially kill the tube in 2020.

I just want to know that, in Newgrounds, nothing like that is ever going happen, nor the strict rules or crappy rules that ended up not getting paid over small thing. NG is great place to hang out and do anything (as long it apply to ToS) without anything that will get in your way.

Tom Fulp (Founder of Newgrounds) is your new leader who will respect you as content creator and will be glad to answer your question.

If you are interested, you can check out the History of NG , Stats (Bit out of date but still the same) and Aura Type. We are glad to have you here. There also series you can watch!

Here for the NG 2020!



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - November 9th, 2019

It been some weeks now and I haven't post anything yet. Mainly was lack of motivation to draw something and still writing the HDNX Part Two which in concept stage. Worry not, I am returning from Hell and continuing to do my normal stuff of what I usually do.

Here some Madness fanart while you at it!


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - October 21st, 2019



I currently have my website open for almost two years now. This site is where you can see all my project (Writing, Comic) as well as other pages (such as my personal page contain artwork, archives, chatroom, machinima, etc.).

It based on my new series known as Project X-treme, the best way I can explain it is "Action first, talk later" type. There going to be Novel/comic based on anime and original series as well as crossover (but it not planned yet).

I update the site every once in the while, but it won't hurt to check it out. While it have only one project working on (Hyperdimension Neptunia X which you can check it out), I am plan to create more in that site as well as Newgrounds and DeviantArt. I also have guestbook, so you can sign there as well.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - October 18th, 2019

It seem like this month, I been very active on Newgrounds, like I been gaining bunch of XP, posting some Newgrounds Artwork only and reviewing "Under Judgement" Video and Game and now, I have been scouted and just gain little follower!

I thank you all guys, it just got me very motivated to get on Newgrounds more often to post artwork as well as keeping up on Newgrounds with unscouted artist and saving good stuff and blam bad stuff. I just found my new addiction now.

I plan to do some Newgrounds fan art as well as taking some request from y'all. Hit me up if you got any request!



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - September 14th, 2019

38Caution Art Threads

If you want to give a constructive criticism (assuming it is), go right ahead!

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - August 3rd, 2019

How y'all been today?