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Migrate to Newgrounds entirely (and special thank for my fan)

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - May 8th, 2020

At my post back at Deviantart (title: Circa 2016-2020), I was explaining how controversial the Eclipse update was (if you haven't know, it a name for Version 9 site update) and why that I was about to retired in that site as well as belief history of my gallery throughout my time.

Deviantart was my first site for my pathway of being Digital artist and the time I join was lot of fun. There bunch of cool feature I want to try, there group I would join and so on. I meet some cool people in there (as well as shitposter and troll) and despite DA being infamous for awful gallery and poor management, there was some user who was nice or actually good artist with passion and giving people. Sadly as time go on, riot was everywhere when Eclipse as announced back at early 2019 and make it worse when old version is about to retired on May 20 with Eclipse being unfinished still (not even close to being done), making riot grow larger (with the movement known as: The Sound of Silence). It was at this point that, a huge amount of userbase was about to leave DA and I was about to do the same. It was sad enough for me to leave that place.

It come to conclusion that, I am moving to Newgrounds! Well actually, I been here since 2018 to expand my gallery somewhere, but now it my new home, my new neighborhood and honestly, Newgrounds is actually one of the greatest neighborhood I ever move in. There great collection of Movie, Audio and more. Back then, NG was the place I go to, when I was younger, for Flash content so I actually more familiar with the place. This place seem to be very lively with all the animator and artist who wanted to be recognized as well as being heavily community-based and great moderation.

Make me curious though (I meation this before), are we getting third Migration? Would be great to get more member in NG and more supporter.


Even better is that, I recently just reach 50 fans on NG and while that is a very small number, it a big deal for me because there 50 people who follow for what I do and that is amazing. So thanks you peep who following me recently or long time ago. Here for another 50!




If it happened before it will happen again.I don´t know when the next big migration will happen but i´m pretty sure any 1.0. Web site still up is gonna stick around for a long time even without any migrations happening any time soon.

That is true. I saw other people mention 1.0 Website on their status post for the suggestion for the user who wants to move somewhere other than DA.

Even if they will stick around for a long time, it doesn't hurt to get a couple of members from another site (although not too much).

Migration? Why not?

Because why not.