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cannot wait until the fanbase turn this song into entire mod

this is worst song ever made

sick beat

You don't kill the Clown

The Clown kill you

Forever Independent is the greatest freedom gift to be given

Yo, just like anyone else, I actually came here from my childhood game, Territory War.

However, I heard through your Youtube comment that Al, your guitarist, is in jail. How did that happen?

FUNKbrs responds:

That's a bit of a dark story. Al... was a bit of a meth addict and a compulsive liar. There was a period of time when Al was living in a storage facility where he worked part time as a mover and we would also practice. He would often claim to come up with "tips" from moves consisting of precious coins, jewelry, and musical equipment. Being well aware of the storage facility's insurance policy, he had been committing numerous small thefts from storage units for extra cash, knowing the thefts would be covered and the victims would receive full value for their property, which they weren't even using. His employer had installed some new cameras and he "thought" he knew where they were. However, some of the cameras were infra red and were set up behind a wall through which they could still video easily. On these new cameras, he was caught and arrested. We were actually in the storage unit practicing and smoking when the cops showed up with his picture. Never saw him again in the flesh after that. He'd been in and out of jail a few times before this for various charges for which his story changed and was unreliable. At the time of his arrest Al claimed to have been making 18 dollars an hour, but his personal records recovered from the storage unit showed he'd been working fewer than 20 hours a week at 9.25 an hour. He was basically living off bean and rice cups from Taco Bell. He'd stolen from me in the past, and was apparently very far in debt with the bass player. The storage unit was unheated, so he lived in a tent with a space heater in the winter. He was a great guitar player, but goddamn, there had to be a line.

God damn it Wegra, how you managed to make this sound 100% accurate?

Wegra responds:

Because unfortunately I'm surrounded by these morons in hell groups all over.So I know how a lot of these fanbases work

God I just want to enjoy the game

uwu nice

This song slap so hard, I literally mean it slap.
Good stuff.

Better rap song then those other modern so-called "rap" song.

(Mature content)
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