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2021 Plan (OC Saturday, New Project, etc)

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 31st, 2020


2020 has been an hell but it did result of me doing something different outside of my area such as me doing Comic Strip and making an short and compact Zine Article, You can read way more in my prevous blog: https://aka-38caution.newgrounds.com/news/post/1134210

Onward to 2021, just like 2020, I will be doing something really different outside of my drawing and this time, it would be something more interested and more organized for what I want to do instead of throwing around and expect it to work. Hope everything goes well according to the plan. :D

The main reason I do experiment series like Project X-treme is something that I always have in mind for the longest time. I hate to stick with one thing because that would be very dull and repeatedly annoying.

(I like to note that any project I done is an experiment. If thing don't goes as well, I might do something else. That why it called experiment for reason.)

Now enough talking, I like to talk about these 6 topic I listed in picture:

  1. OC Saturday! Starting on Jan 4, every week you guys can submit your own Original Character and I will randomly pick 2, 3 or even 4 of them (depending on how simple it is) every Saturday. I wanting to give something an try. On the same day, I will open an new thread on https://38cautionzone.com/ocsaturday.html (via comment section), Newgrounds, and Twitter. You can also email me your OC if you want to (must DM me for that to prevent Scam). Note: This is an Experiment, if this don't go well, I might ended it soon. If it go decent, it might be normal thing for now on.
  2. X-Zine. I need to get back on writing on monthly-ish Zine Article. I don't have that much of plan for it since it is side-project but I do like to talk on certain topic that might interested people. I about to be finished with third Issues where I talk about DeviantArt and why it a worst platform for artist
  3. ClusterFuck, aka CTF, an Mature theme comic. Another side-project I need to get back on (though I did recently published one in beginning of December). Really want to get back on comic strip. Want to learn much as I can because I love making comic series honestly.
  4. SMG4 Fanmade Project. Can't give away secret yet. But I can tell ya it will be in style familiar to CTF with short storyline. Prolly first ever to published in Newgrounds (though will be upload in 38cautionzone first).
  5. More Fanart. I mean that what I always do.
  6. Promote Donation option. Around 2021, I might open up Commission, opening up on Newgrounds, 38cautionzone and Discord first and see if it something I might like to do in future. I am planning to start an living out of artist soon but right now it undecided. For $3, you can help me as small artist to continue what I want to do while making content 100% accessible for people by preventing in use of paywall/membership. Trust me, I do not want to put ads on my website and restrict other people to access my artwork for quick bank. Art should be accessible for everyone but it hard to do so without little help. Hate to be beg-worthy but any donation can make me shut up about donation and make me do way more content. Even so, you guys voting and faving my work is more then enough to make me feel happy.

Another note is, I might focusing on something else other then SMG4. Love them but can't stick to one thing. I prolly should started making more of Otis, my own Mascot and other forgotten Mascot I made while back. I trying to push it there for people to know that I do way more then SMG4 but some just simply look away.

There also might be more stuff in coming year but so far, nothing has been set in stone. Who know? I could be part of Newgrounds collab for first time (if I don't suck at it that is).

Let hope 2021 will be a least decent year. I also hoping Newgrounds will get bit of rise again, even after flash is now dead and FnF is getting much popular.

~ @aka-38caution

Visit my website: https://38cautionzone.com

Donate! https://ko-fi.com/38caution



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