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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - December 29th, 2020


Well god damn, this is the year I would not expected to live in at all. If you told me back in 2016 that we will be dealing with virus outbreak and protesting shitfest, I would ask you if you are joking. I never thought I would experience an outbreak and idea of staying home and such.

I also cannot believe that an year has passed. Haven't even feel like an month has passed at all and we about to enter yet an another year.

A lot of stuff happening this year so I gonna point out:

First off, I left Deviantart. Bold move but also good thing as well. I explain it soon (in X-Zine #3, coming up this week).

Secondly, I done more artwork then what I did last year and I finally got my own art style. Previous I always try different look to see if it look good or not. I also got bit of noticed on Newgrounds lately with some fav and couple of voting. It good thing to see more then 5 votes on my artwork. Oh and I was the one who expanded SMG4 tag in Newgrounds. Back then, there were rarely them. Now I think there are more then 50 submission and some are different artist. Still waiting for expansion of NG Artist to be aware of SMG4 and such.

I am also shock to see @ninjamuffin99 Friday Night Funkin to be success hit game on Newgrounds (which I haven't witness it in very long time ago). God it bring me back in 2010s when Newgrounds still deliver hit flash game right out of box. It got me hope that Newgrounds might rise again next year with FNF. It also funny how an NG shitposter managed to created an hit game that soon to be widespread across the internet. I might write an Zine for FNF soon.

Speaking of Zine, I created an small series known as X-Zine, an Zine-based that related on 2000s topic I talk about. Check it out!

Also, I officially own an Domain: https://38cautionzone.com/ , go check it out! I got bunch of content you might enjoy.

Another new is, yes I did joined Twitter. It was against my promise to join major business but I did find lot of people liking my SMG4 fanart and gotten some people looking at my NG. Though I am planning to look for another platform like Twitter soon.

Oh and I wanna say something; I am working on new big project, familiar to Neptunia X, but it a secret for now until further notice. I can give hint and it SMG4 related as well (hint hint: Check on my site)

Last, I set up donation. This is big one for me because I am opening tip jar for people who like my work. I would be very happy if you tip $3, that would keep me working more stuff in future.

Aside from all those good thing, yeah 2020 is shit. Wearing mask, store shutting down, idiot people, protest, and bunch of stuff happening. I glad that over with. Let see how bad 2021 can get as well. Who know, might be better one.

I gonna say this right now, I am thankful for all those 139 fans who following me for my content or me shitposing in BBS forum. You Newgrounder are the best people I meet and I can't wait to do more in NG next year. Until then, I see ya people later.



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