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Animation in making

Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - 9 days ago


Okay, this is actually my first time to actually animated this stuff, but this isn't the only part.

It gonna to be mashup of SM64/Gmod Machinima style and animation and it will be the worse shit you ever see on Newgrounds. Seriously it might be. Who knows, it could be the first animated machinima on Newgrounds or something else.

But if this give an saved by the community (protected) then I may give a another go but Newgrounds Forum edition.

I planning to do an action short series like these style and plan to have Newgrounds Music to put on it so if you have any suggestion, go right ahead (can be shitpost too honestly. I looking music that allowed download)

If you got any animation tip, DM me here. Would like to hear it!

Oh also, the program is called "Pencil2D" and it good to use for beginner.

Comments (3)

Well good luck then!. I don't know what to give for a tip cause it's vague for me. :7 like what do you want a tip about?

Just general tip like the timing and the smooth animation or anything really.

@Crashgen @AKA-38CAUTION well....mmmmm. To get good timing I would say practice your key exposures and understanding your 1s 2s 3s 4s 8s 12s excetera excetera**

as for smoothness, which is vague in terms of animation cause it depends on what you want. If you want smooth consistency good timing and spacing does that.

As well trying to animated in 1s will do that but it will make your mistakes more noticeable if you don't know what you're doing. Because the more frames you draw the more probability it takes for only one frame to screw up. Which is kinda vague in a way but you can achieve nice animation with strong timing and spacing.

I kinda repeated myself but kinda broke down each step I hope. Anyways, I do hope I was at least helpful to you.

I currently trying to get the mouth right to match the audio I about to use so the Key exposure is most useful.

Animating in 1s is more fast-pace which is something I wanted to do but yeah it will show lots of mistake.

Anyway, thanks for those tip. I keep that in mind when doing more of these.

@Crashgen @AKA-38CAUTION @AKA-38CAUTION no problem, if you have trouble and need help you can dm me if you want. I'm a huge fan for animation so I love talking about it as well help