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Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - April 9th, 2022

I will be real, I do like the new profile shape, it does give up a more lively vibe instead of the same shape over and over.

keeping the square because of its 2000s vibe (plus it is more superior than a circle).

The huge thumbnail on other hand, not so much. It feels boaty, oversize, and rather weird looking if you are on a Desktop. I know they trying to aim for Moblie viewers but I would prefer if we are given the choice to choose what thumbnail size we prefer. Also, the "Score" section is rather flawed in some way; was expecting to get the most voted, not the rating.

The tag is a cool feature though.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 26th, 2022


since there going to be an SMG4 movie that probably going to be filled with depression, I might as well draw Melony to light up the mood.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 19th, 2022



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 13th, 2022


I haven't drawn much grunt in normal form. Also haven't drawn Otis in a month.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 10th, 2022


if you are curious about how I draw, here you go.

I haven't drawn Otis in while and might as well put a few references you might be familiar with.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - March 5th, 2022



it has been a while since I draw something, mainly because I have been doing other stuff outside of artwork, such as machinima short and most importantly, SFM testing (which you can see on top).

I might be planning on using SFM in the future as a pose reference since it gives a more clear idea. it is rusty at first.

(no, I not posting SFM on NG due to reasonable rules. all SFM related galleries will be up on my site if interested).

i can't say how much art I can draw, since I have been on and off trying something different, which was something I was slacking on last year. i am not the kind of person who does the same thing over and over so it refreshing to spice something.

off-topic aside, hope you like it. I was proud of how the background turned out.



Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - February 25th, 2022

I'm not good at putting up words to showcase my emotion since well, I was never good with this kind of post.

I dearly hope everyone is doing alright in this unfortunate time.

It can get overwhelming, especially what going on in Ukraine and Russia situation. No Russian innocent citizen is to be put to blame, if anything, neither Ukrainian, Russian nor the entire world wants war. Nobody wants blood on their hands and I certainly don't think the soldier want any of that either, but are sadly enforced on what they are told to do.

Stay strong Ukrainian and if you are in Russia, I do apologize you have to deal with such hostile leadership.

More info or supports:

// https://uacrisis.org/en/help-ukraine

// https://ukrainewar.carrd.co/

(Скелястий переклад)

Я не дуже добре, щоб покласти слова, щоб показати мою емоцію, тому що добре, я ніколи не був хорошим з таким видом.

Я дорого сподіваюся, що кожен робить добре в цьому нещасному часі.

Це може отримати переважну, особливо те, що відбувається в Україні та Росії. Ніяких російських невинних громадян не буде звинувачуватись, якщо щось, ні українська, російська, ні світу не хоче війни. Ніхто не хоче крові в своїх руках, і я не думаю, що солдат хоче будь-якого з них, але, на жаль, вони слідують, що вони сказали.

Залишайтеся сильними українцями, і якщо ви знаходитесь в Росії, я прошу вибачення, ви повинні мати справу з такими вороже керівництво.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - February 20th, 2022


random post, but i managed to beat Postal 2 (entire week, mind you) in one of the harder difficulties. not much of an achievement but I am damn proud of it for wasting 6 hours of getting my asses kicked.

Postal 2 is also a good game. I recommended it by trying it out on Steam.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - February 14th, 2022


The day that we all should love ourselves, no matter who we are. Of course, for some lonely people (like me), we needed some that digital waifu. Here you go, happy effing valentine's day.


Posted by AKA-38CAUTION - February 12th, 2022

i just booted up discord and witnessed the NGP Discord server getting gangbanged.

You might hear by now but turn out, one of the founders, Xin, got hacked (assuming from a fake link he got in DM; my guess), which resulted in the server getting spammed by some edgy shit along with deleting every channel and replacing it with weeb shit.

until further notice, do not accept the invite (goes by EKREM or something weird-ass), and if you are on that server, leave right now to avoid getting hacked or some shit.

Another reminder to active 2FA on every platform. Basic knowledge.